I was going through a divorce in 2015/16 after a 29 year marriage.

I started to drink even more than I already did - not a very good thing.

I had a weakness then for G&T plus red wine and also real ale - in increasingly copious quantities.

A bit of a disaster really.

So I decided in the Summer of 2016 I had to cut down my intake of alcohol for my health and thought if I remove the G&T element that would in effect solve my problem of excessive units at a stroke.

So I started to research the making of gin and what botanicals were used, 

how they were infused and for how long this action was needed.

I also experimented with the roasting times of the various botanicals - this is crucial to the process.

I played around with several combinations and finally struck this recipe which, to my mind makes a very refreshing drink that makes you feel as though you are actually having a "drink" but, of course, are not!

One measure of PzP contains only 6 kcals and NO alcohol. 

So it is a very healthy drink in its own right.

The fact that it tastes so similar to having a G&T is merely a bonus!

There is actually no gin involved in the production of PzP hence my use of the wording G&T.

Its not a gin so I cannot describe it as such, for the sake of Trading Standards.

Some friends of mine were tasting it one day and said it tasted so good I should market it.

As I was in the process of losing half my wealth, including half my pension, to my ex-wife it was a no brainer!! 

So here we are.

I really hope you enjoy my drink.

P.S. I now don't ever drink gin - only drink PzP, as I prefer it!!!